About Puri - Lord Jagannath Dham Puri

Puri, the place where numerous temples can be spotted is a true place of gaining respite from the hectic city life and a place for promoting tourism to a great extent. One can spot the tall Jagannath Temple consisting of four entrance gates and sixteen pillars as a spot that draws a number of pilgrims. The Rath Yatra is a major attraction that takes you to Gundicha Temple. The deities of the Puroshotama Jagannath Temple date back to the 12th century and the foundations of this temple were laid by Chodaganga Deva. There exists enthralling architectures of the temples as well as of buildings that is worth watching and together they promote tourism in Puri.

Beaches form other places to visit in Puri that add to its overall charm. The splendid Puri Beach is well known and much visited both because of its beauty and sacred essence. Devotees make it a point to take holy bath in the waters of this beach, which acts as a source of their purification.

Puri jagannath Temple

The golden sands of this beach form a wonderful bed where various tourists relax and do sun bathing. Moreover, you can enjoy the stunning view of the sunset and sunrise. The combination of colorful sky and blue waters add an unmatchable charm to the Puri Beach.

Shopping freaks have reasons to rejoice since Puri possesses beautifully and intricately carved handicrafts and artwork which appeals to the minds of the shoppers. One can buy the beautiful Pattachitra paintings, metal crafts, glasses, bamboo work, wooden combs, etc. that are quite popular. These things can be obtained at the Ananda Bazaar of Puri. One can also head towards the Handicrafts Emporium that can be spotted at the Grand Road where one gets amused with an array of Ikat handloom items. This tie and die work delineate amazingly designed cloths. The works of Ikat from Sambalpur and Sonepur can also be has from the emporium.

Moreover, Puri tourism also gets ameliorated with the existence of an array of fairs and festivals. You can witness the Anavasara festival, Chandan Yatra, Nava Kalevara and Snana Yatra, etc. that forms many reasons for tourists to extend their holidays in Puri. The Rath Yatra or the Chariot Festival is a major attraction in which the images of goddess Subhadra as well as Lord Jagannath and Balarama are taken from the Grand Road. The cart carrying the gods appears to be marked with red and yellow hues.

Those who travel to Puri can also plan to go for excursions at Balighai, which is a paradise for beach lovers. Tourists can also plan to visit the Sakshigopal Temple, which is also named Satyabadi. The deity worshipped at this temple is Lord Krishna. Art lovers also have reasons to rejoice since they can head towards Raghurajpur, which is quite renowned for talapattachitra and pattachitra paintings. This place is well known for delivering some of the much admired handicrafts. Therefore, do make it a point to come to Puri and make the most of it by exploring all the places of attraction in Puri.