Buddhist Caves in India

Buddhist caves in India showcase you the awesome sight of the place where Buddha resides. There exist numerous Buddhist caves that are a constant source of attraction for tourists.

Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra - One can go and visit the beautiful Ajanta caves that fascinate you amazing paintings, sculptures as well as stunning Buddhist architecture. There are 30 Ajanta caves and they tell you the story of rise and fall of Hinayana and Mahayana, the two Buddhism sects.

Ellora Caves in Maharashtra - Ellora caves in Maharashtra lie at a distance of 25 Km from Aurangabad. The significant religions named as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism are quite well reflected in through the Ellora caves. The caves are also a part of the world heritage site by UNESCO.

Kanheri Caves in Maharashtra - Kanheri caves in Maharashtra can be spotted in the centre of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The cavews belong to the period between 1st century BC and 9th century AD. The total number of Kanheri caves is 109. These caves stand as a symbol of the starting and end o Buddhism in Northern India.

Bhaja Caves in Maharashtra: - Bheja caves date back to the Mauryan age and are situated in Maharashtra. There are the beautiful Buddhist caves in India that are much visited by tourists.

Barabar Caves in Bihar: - In Bihar, you can head towards the Barabar Hills and witness the small caves known as the Barabar caves. The caves lie at a distance of 20 Km from Gaya in Bihar. In addition to this, the caves possess a series of temples that are built through granite stones.

Nagarjunakonda Caves in Andhra Pradesh: - Andhra Pradesh is another place where Buddhist caves can be found on the Nagarjunakonda Island that is much visited by the Buddha devotes. The island lies in the proximity of the Krishna River. And the name of the caves was taken from the name of a Buddhist monk known as Nagarjuna.

Dhauli Caves in Orissa - As you visit Orissa, you come across stunning Buddhist caves in India such as the famous Dhauli caves situated on the Dhauli Hills. Dhauli hills lie in the vicinity of the Daya River is a Buddhist pilgrimage much known ancient sculptures and attractive artwork.

Lalitagiri Caves in Orissa - Lalitgiri caves remain as the place of Buddhist pilgrimage which is much frequented by the devotees. The Buddhist complex along with the beautiful sculptures belongs to the 1st century.

Ratnagiri Caves in Orissa - Another appealing heritage site related to Lord Buddha includes the Ratnagiri caves which serve to be an alluring example of Buddhist caves in India. Ratnagiri is a place that lies at a distance of 100 Km from Bhubaneswar.

Junnar Caves in Maharashtra - Junnar caves in Maharashtra are also the appealing caves dedicated to Buddhism. These caves are divided into three groups and the most prominent groups are named as Tulija Luna as well as Ganesh Luna.

Kalra Caves in Maharashtra - One can also visit the Kalra caves in Maharashtra whose architecture is more than enough to catch your fancy. These caves are well known for their captivating Chaitya hall. They are the primitive rock cut caves that are much frequented.

Therefore, those who have inclination towards Buddhism make it a point to visit the astounding caves in India that are dedicated to Lord Buddha. Together they add an essential Buddhist essence to India.