About Pipili - Famous for designing beautiful Applique handicraft

One can spot Pipli a small and beautiful village at a distance of 29 Km from Bhubaneswar. The place is admired and much frequents by tourists because of the amazing applique work displaying items in bright and vibrant colors. This work involves sewing over various pieces of cloths that are kept over a large canvas. The work is quite different from the patchwork and the images that are sewn over the cloth are of plants and animals and all this is done with dark and bright colors that are clearly visible and more than enough to catch your eyes. The prominent colors that are used for this appealing work include red, blue, green and yellow. The main places that are famous for this work include Parlakhemundi, Khallikote as well as Boudh.

About Pipili

You can shop various enticing items such as handbags, canopies as well as umbrellas. In Pipli, you can witness a number of Dutch and Portuguese edifices and churches. The enchanting embroidery work done with the help of needle beautifies various items that are worth buying by the tourists and art lovers. One can also plan to shop for impressive brass and bell metal work which consists of the form known as Dhokra. Such items can be purchased from Cuccuck, Sambalpur, Ganjam and Puri. Some of the tribes in Pipli named as Sithulias, Balkati, Kansaris and Kantilo are mainly involved in the production of this kind of work.

One can also spot the work of pifa variety, which can be spotted over cooking vessels, tumplers as well as plates. One also gets pleased to bask in the brass casting work that can be bagged in the form of sculptures of gods such as Ganesha, Laxmi, Shri Radha and Krishna, etc. Other appealing works than can be found in Pipli include Horn work, found in the items such as cigars, pen stands, combs, etc. Lacquer work as well as wooden carved items can also b found in Pipli. Therefore, we can say that Pipli is a place replete with rich handicrafts and other interesting artwork that is much admired by art lovers from different parts of the world.

Apart from the popular appliqué work, you also get acquainted with the vibrant culture of Pipli. The images of animals and birds such as elephants, peacocks, parakeets, as well as flowers such as lotus, jasmine, etc. are beautifully woven into the cloths. The main items marked with the much admired appliqué work are pillow covers, bed covers, bed sheets, wall hangings, cushion covers, garden umbrellas, etc. Shoppers really have many reasons to rejoice since the amazing appliqué work is always there for them to bag. Therefore, tourism in Pipli is gaining pace because of its beauty and enticing applique work. Therefore, do make it a point to come to Pipli and make the most of your tour to Pipli.