Bhubaneswar City

The beautiful Bhubaneswar city is much admired and frequented by tourists and it popularly known as the God's World. Possessing a total of around 600 temples, this Temple City is a wonderful abode of devotees. The architecture of the temples in Bhubaneswar dates back to the period between 3rd century B.C and 16th century A.D. The architecture is highly appealing and delineates the images of birds, celestial dancers, animals, erotic scenes as well as pictures from sacred epics and legends. One can spot the temple complex categorized into four parts. The very first part is known as Jagamohana, the second is named as Garbhagriha, the third is referred as the Nata Mandap and the fourth is called as Bhoga Mandap. Among the most visited temples in Bhubaneswar, you have the Mukteshwar Temple belonging to the 10th century and abode of Lord Shiva. You can also visit the intricately carved temple of Lord Shiva named as Parashurameshwara Temple. This temple belongs to the 7th century and consists of a group of 20 small temples that together form the main temple.

Another important place to visit in Bhubaneswar is Dhauli, where you witness the amazing Shanti Stupa. This place is considered to be sacred as it here where Buddha adopted Buddhism and gave up the thought of war and violence. Tourist can also make it a point to witness the beautiful Udaigiri Hills that are dotted with 18 caves. Khandagiri caves draw visitors and tourists that get attracted towards them. These caves are 15 in number and the most significant and enchanting caves is named as the Ajanta caves. Along with Khandagiri caves, you also have some Jain temples that are worth visiting for every devotee as well as for tourists.

As you travel to Bhubaneswar, you must make it a point to visit in some of the most interesting places to visit that are listed below:

Ekamra Haat: It is a place where you find some of the most amusing art and crafts. The Haat delineates alluring architecture and you get to bag the traditional handicrafts produced by local artisans and weavers. One can taste the amazing food and cuisines or enjoy your leisure time in the open air theatre or enjoy the sight of the beautiful water fountain.

Pathani Samantha Planetarium: One can find this auditorium in the vicinity of the Acharaya Vihar Square. This dome shaped building was named after a well known astronomer of Orissa and covers the area of around 4 acres. People visit this place to witness a number of programmes associated with astronomy.

Orissa State Museum: One can spot this museum on the Lewis Road and its galleries display some of the most interesting archeological remains. One can also spot Buddhist sculptures, musical instruments, copper plates, jewelry, paintings, primitive weapons, palm leaf manuscripts, as well as primitive coins, etc.

Orissa Modern Art Gallery: This amazing gallery is known for boosting Orissa art of the modern times. Here, one can find wood carvings, sculptures, oil and water work, etc.

Therefore, do make it a point to visit Bhubaneswar and explore each and every attraction that make Bhubaneswar all the more charming.