Buddhist Monuments in India

Buddhist monuments are awe inspiring edifices that showcase compelling architecture as well as sheer religion associated with Buddhism. Various states of India such as Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, etc. possess amazing Buddhist monuments. The sacred essence of Buddhism can be had by the mere sight of these monuments. It was in the period between 5th century B.C and 12th century A.D that Buddhism flourished in India and different parts of the world. Some of the famous and much frequented Buddhist monuments are listed below:

Maha Bodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya of Bihar - Bodhgaya, one of the most prominent zones of Buddhism is home to the Maha Bodhi Temple as well as the Bodhi Tree, where Buddha received solace and enlightenment. In the temple, you find Lord Buddha's image and the temple belongs to the 3rd century BC. The height of the temple is 52 meters and the temple also delineates the images and pictures related to Lord Buddha's life.

Sanchi Stupa at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh - One Sanchi, one comes across a number of Buddhist stupas that are 8 in number, pillars as well as temples. Belonging to the 3rd century BC, you have the Great Stupa 1 constructed by King Ashoka. The pillars as well as stupas have great importance attached to them.

Amravati Stupa in Andhra Pradesh - This stupa belongs to the 2nd century and is considered to be the largest in India. The stupa gained recognition when Colonel Collin Mackenzie visited India in 1797. In Amravati, you also find the attractions such as Dharankota, Amreswara Temple as well as Potala. Amravati is also well known as a number of Tantric teachings emerged from here.

Dhamek Stupa & Ashoka Pillar in Uttar Pradesh - It is one of the most prominent Buddhist pilgrimages, which is visited because it is here that Buddha gave his first discourse 528 BC. The place also possesses the Ashokan Pillar as well as the Chokhandi Stupa.

Shanti Stupa at Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir - The inauguration of this stupa was done by Dalai Lama and it was done to start the 2,500 years of Buddhism. One finds this stupa at the top of a hill and therefore, some of the most splendid views of the surrounding areas can be had from this place. As one comes to Leh, one comes across the sight of a series of Buddhist monasteries that are worth visiting by Buddhist devotees.

In Orissa, you find Buddhist monuments at Dhauli, Ratnagiri, Laltgiri and Udayagiri. The awe inspiring Buddhist monuments draw a series of diehard Buddhists as well as other tourists to witness these monuments. Therefore, we can say that India is replete with an array of amazing Buddhist monuments that are worth visiting. So, do make it a point to visit these Buddhist monuments and feel the significance of Buddhism through them.