Puri Hotels List - Sea Beach Hotels in Puri & Jaganntha Temple

Toshali Sands Resorts, Puri  
Hans Coco Plam, Puri  
Chariot Beach Resort, Puri  
May Fair Resort, Puri  
Hotels Fort Mahodadhi, Puri  
Sterling Holidays Golden Sands, Puri  
Hotel Shree Hari, Puri  
Hotel Shakti International, Puri  
The Chanakya BNR Hotel, Puri  
Puri Beach Resort, Puri  
Hotel Holiday Resort, Puri  
Hotel Sonar Bangla, Puri  
Bluelily Beach Resort, Puri  
Hotel Berries, Puri  
Hotel Rock Bay, Puri  
Gold Coast Beach Resort, Puri  
Hotel Arya Palace, Puri  
Nayak Beach Resort, Puri  
Panthanivas, Puri  
Hotel Camelia, Puri  
Hotel Naren Palace, Puri  
Hotel Gajapati, Puri  
Hotel Padma Palace, Puri  
Niladri Inn, Puri  
Hotel Vijoya International, Puri  
Pearl Beach Club and Resorts, Puri  
Hotel Golden Dust, Puri  
Hotel Santana, Puri  
Hotel Swarg, Puri  
Hotel Leo Castle, Puri  
Hotel Surya Beach Inn, Puri  
Hotel Surya Garden, Puri  
Hotel Gandhara, Puri  
Hotel Rumani, Puri  
Hotel Holiday House, Puri  
Hotel Genesis, Puri  
Hotel Prabhupada, Puri  
Hotel Sapphire International, Puri  
Hotel Deep Ganga, Puri  
Hotel Sukanya, Puri  
Hotel Krishan Palace, Puri  
Hotel Trimurti Heights, Puri  
Hotel Lotus, Puri  
Hotel Diamond Palace, Puri  


Bhubaneswar Hotels List & Near Railway Station, Airport, Orissa

Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Swosti Plaza, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Trident Hilton, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Kalinga Ashok (Ashok Group), Bhubaneswar  
Mayfair Convention Centre, Bhubaneswar  
Pal Heights, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel The Sutrupti, Bhubaneswar  
Sarawati Retreat, Bhubaneswar  
The Royale Midtown, Bhubaneswar  
Swosti Premium, Bhubaneswar  
Ginger Hotel, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Grand Central, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Hindustan international, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Empires, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Sun Green, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Arya Palace, Bhubaneswar  
The Bari International, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Pushpak, Bhubaneswar  
Hotel Upasana, Bhubaneswar  

Hotels & Resorts in Puri

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